I rent a small workshop and storage area on a farm close to where I live. It’s ideal for my needs but one of the problems I often face at this time of the year is condensation and damp in the room.

My workshopThe room is heated to some degree with a small heater but during the autumn and winter months the heater has a tough job trying to keep the room warm. Many a night and weekend are spent wrapped up in many layers of jumpers and coats!

I use the room as a workshop for my car & plane projects and also storage (read dumping ground) for my flying memorabilia (read junk). The concern I recently have was that this room was becoming very damp and some boxes of parts where becoming damp themselves. After reading this article I quickly decided that the damp needed fixing as I don’t want anything damaged but I also don’t have the time at the moment to go and look for alternative storage (and the storage I have is very cheap).

So what did I do? Well the obvious was to leave the heater on longer but I did not really see this addressing the problem and it was costing money. I know you can hire industrial type heaters to dry out rooms but I needed more of a permanent fix.

DeLonghi dehumidifierWhile searching for how to prevent condensation and damp I came across a good site site (Best Dehumidifier Guide), which provided some good information on dehumidifiers and their uses. Buying a dehumidifier seemed like a good idea to me but the price was putting me off; most models cost £100 plus. I read a lot of reviews on the best dehumidifiers but in the end I was not convinced that I needed to buy a new one. So I went for the next best thing and managed to purchase a cheap dehumidifier on eBay similar to this Ecoair dehumidifier here.

End result. Well after a few days the damp is already starting to clear in the room and the dehumidifier has not broken down yet! So a good result overall.

Along with aviation jackets and aviation sunglasses, aviator watches are a must have accessory for every pilot. Right?

Aviator watchLet’s start by clarifying exactly what an aviator or (pilot’s) watch is? In very, very simple terms it comes down to “a watch worn by aviators (or pilots)”. Many original aviator watches were issues by air forces such as the UASF and were actually quite simple in design with no additional dials that you see on today’s modern watches.

If you look at most of the leading watch brands they all now have “aviator” watches in their range. Watches such as the G-Shock GW3000BB are marketing as “aviation” watches but in reality offer no additional functions over normal chronograph type watches.

There are specific aviator watches that are made for pilot; the Torgoen T01 series features a E6B flight computer. However, when you have the choice of using the actual E6B flight computer or even a GPS system, then the Torgeoen T01 is the least useful option.

In summary, any watch with stopwatch or chronograph functions will be useful to the pilot. Many “aviator” watches are fashion accessories with functions you may never need, they look great but do you really need one? Yes, if you want a stylish watch but you don’t need one to fly a plane.